Free WALL art!! wanna see??? trendy tuesday!!

welcome to trendy tuesday! where you learn more than you wanted to know about stampin’ trends!! Today I’m sooo excited to show you all about our Decor Elements with Stampin’ Up! It’s amazing the kinds of creativity you can see with these!! Basically, Decor Elements are Vinyl Wall Rub Ons that you can use to decorate just about anything!!

I’ve uploaded the “killer” video to show you exactly what to expect when ordering these fun little products!! And also on the video is a tutorial on how to apply them to your wall.

my killer video:

A couple of comments about the video…

*don’t mind my clean laundry in the other room! heehee

*Mr Gorgeous did see the rubon and knew where it was going, so i did (as usual) have his blessing before applying! heehee

*i do know that “cheaply” is probably not a word, but it still worked in the sentence I said! LOL!!
*i love windows movie maker…*sigh*

After you watch the “killer” video (and I’ll explain more about that in a sec), I want to show you another way to use the decor elements products! On my web site, there is a video from demonstrator support showing two different projects!! Take a look!!


Check out how to make this and other projects HERE on my Stampin’ Up! site!

Now, I bet you are wondering why I keep calling it the “killer” video…well, due to unforeseen circumstances, while this video was shot, a certain gymnastics meet was taped over. Let’s just say we were very sad to lose 5 out of the 6 events Quentin competed on last Saturday, BUT we were excited to learn that his best event at the meet was still intact and ready to be uploaded to YouTube! Stay tuned right here for that exciting event!! Ohhh a day in the life of the Kellers!! 🙂

I want to hear how you liked my tutorial! especially the Bible trivia!! heehee!! Leave a comment here in this post and I will enter you to win a GC to SU! or for the month of March!! (February’s winner is about to be announced!! yay!!!)

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