quick happy tonight!

Ohhhh I just got finished beating Mr Gorgeous at Boxing on the Wii…of course, he just got finished beating me at tennis, so I guess we are even…BUT I got my wii in today!! and I sweat-ed…is that a word?? LOL!!

I also just finished my last of my 35oz of water in, which was amazing because i cheated or allowed myself – i should say, by drinking a coke this noon! my first in a week and a half! 🙂

So it's 11:35pm, now I gotta get my sleep. You lose weight better if you sleep 8 hours a night. I just live better if I sleep 8 hours, and my kids live better, too!!

On that note, here's my Happy Thought LO for the day! Love this!!!


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    Yes it counts girl!!! Wii Boxing is, I think, a pretty good workout!! And good for you for being even with Mr. Gorgeous. 🙂

    LOVE the page!

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