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I'm trying…really I am…this is my journal…my outlet…but it's also my encouragement. When I confess good stuff, then my spirit is uplifted! So even though I'm having a down day (actually I'm just plain ole sick…worn out mess…), I'm happy. I'm glad that I have so many wonderful wonderful blessings in my life!! and omgosh…there's ProFootball on all night tonight!! Life can't get better!! LOL!!

So here is yesterday's Happy Thought LO…


I got this great idea to keep scrapping pics of Mr Gorgeous and me…So today's Happy Thought is here:


This pic is actually from yesterday. So then I started thinking, maybe I want to do the Project 365. Then I totally got overwhelmed thinking about it, so I thought I would just try to take at least one pic a day this year. If it gets done, yay, if not, oh well…I'm not going to make a big deal about posting them. I have for sure done a pic a day so far!! of course, it is only the third of January! heehee

Speaking of goals, I did a resolution page that I absolutely love love love!!! I used Sweet Genevieve designs New years '09 kit and hope to really stick to these goals!


I have taken a couple of steps so far toward these goals. First, I have joined the "Healthy O's" at Oscraps, where we are held accountable for our weight loss. For this I am glad and nervous! My first reaction to starting a weight loss program is to eat everything in sight, and this has been no exception. I'm so thankful Mr Gorgeous threw away the rest of the Pecan Pie…it was really yummy!!! Anyway, I'm very happy to be part of an accountability group!

Second, I'm starting a little job to add to my moneys for Disney. Or to pay for more stamp stuff to make stuff to sell on Etsy…still working on that project!!! Again, I get overwhelmed easily, so we'll see how it all pans out.

Third, I have gotten a head start on school starting this Monday. I'm excited to be in control this year. Usually I lose it in December and we don't do anything but math and reading, but we kept it in control and did good school the way we were supposed to through the holidays! And now we can continue with our Ancient Greek studies and this week, we'll learn about the Canaanites and Joshua, Rahab and Ruth. Ohhhh I'm looking forward to it!! and I've got the books! (it is time to order for Unit 3 though!! someone remind me!! LOL!!)

Fourth…OMGosh…I went to Paris!! with the most wonderful man in the world!! So isn't that living more????? LOL!! I am so totally stepping it up…well, at least when I'm a bit better…this day off has really helped me!! and this journaling helps me to!

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