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Here is my post from today's Daily O's at Oscraps!!

First of ALL, I just want to say that I am proud that I have voted! I was thinking that the lines here wouldn't be so long because so many people early voted (including me!!), but with the turnout predicted the way it has been and after reading Sandra's post, whooooa! It may be long lines like crazy all over the nation!! I am sooo thankful I voted last Friday!!!

Second of all, I love all of you dearly…dearly, dearly…and I usually am not tooooooo vociferous about my political standings…heh heh…but I do want to give another side today…
*if you are truly undecided in this case (which I doubt most people are…), after OR BEFORE, you go to, go here…
Personally, I voted because of the issues. I have interviewed a bunch of friends about why this nation is having such a time with racial issues. I am having a hard time with that…I dont' understand how someone can hate another person because of the color of their skin. This is just where I am right now…(btw, this is purely rhetorical…no need to tell me about the history of this nation and the horrible atrocities that were perpetrated and that still happen today!) So again, I say, vote the issues! **Whew…I've never been that controversial in a DAILYO post, i don't think!!**

FINALLY, here is where my heart ultimately stands today…I am not worried. I did vote for McCain and Palin because I believe in less government. I believe the church needs to step up(including me!!) and take care of the people of this nation that are in need, not the government! BUT, if Obama is elected today, that is God's decision!
his Word says this:

21 He changes times and seasons;
he sets up kings and deposes them.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.

Daniel 2:21

There have been some bad reactions to people voting that I'm certainly sick of! Why does a Republican have to send hate mail when someone puts an Obama sign in their yard? What is this world coming to??? This is what I'm saying…Why do people think that I'm racist because I voted for McCain? There will be both sides to this issue for the rest of time, at least  until Jesus comes back…

So I understand all of the outrage in the Obama camp for all of the bad mouthers and all, but what about Plumber Joe???

And the biggie…where were the protests from everyone when Oliver Stone came out with "W", disrespecting the President of the United States? Like that isn't just as bad as some of the stuff we have seen of late…

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