day 5…i think…LOL!!

Ohhhh i have a gob to be thankful for tonight! But my main thankful wish goes to GAS PRICES!!! I own an Excursion…yes, the mama truck of all trucks! It has a 42 gallon tank, and there was a moment there a few months ago where I thought we were all walking for a while! The worst is that it gets about 10.4 mpg. The best is that we bought it when gas prices had just hit 3$/gal. So we got an incredible deal. Now check out this picture of what I paid for gas today:


Here's the other thing while on this topic…When gas prices are over 2.50 ~ 3$ a gallon, we cannot fill our tank with one swipe of the debit card. Because we don't use credit, the stations cut us off at 74$ usually, although that went up to 100$ as the price of a gallon went up. Today, I swiped once, paid 80$, and drove away with a full tank! AMAZING!!! (gotta love the cell phone pic!!)

Yes, I am thankful for gas prices today…who knows what they will be tomorrow??????? 🙂

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