day 3….ohhhhh i love to win!!

okay..I am thankful tonight for WINNING!!! Omgoodness…we've gone through three previous years of basically a drought! We won one game last year, one game we won by forfeit the year before, and our first year…nada! Right now the Junior Greatwood Packers are 4 and 3…we have won more games than we lost! And we have had a tough schedule this year!! I'm really excited for what these boys can accomplish this year!! They could go all the way!! Our toughest game will be next Saturday, our last game of the season against the Raiders. Boys, just hold your heads up and play your best…do your job! And get three touchdowns and you will win!!

Here are a couple of shots of my darling boy (Mean Machine Keller #5) from today's game:

{he is the one with the white socks…and the arm pads and gloves…playing NOSE tackle in this series!}




I am soooo thankful for my baby boy and his dream of football!! Love those white socks, too!!

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