ohhhhhhh it’s a football weekend!! yup!!!

We had such a fun weekend this weekend! We enjoyed the Greatwood Packers third win for our season…which means for the first time in four years, we are having a winning season!! And we could go all the way! :)  It's really fun to win two games in a row. It really gives the boys that bit of confidence they need to go into the next week of practice and into the next game!! yay!!

Right now my EHD is offline because we are painting our living room, and we didn't quite finish last night. And we went to the Texans game today…yup…they won, too!! like I said…good weekend!! whoooooohooooooo!!! so anyway, I can't share any pics of my sweet son playing football…or *ahem* getting thrown down a couple of times!! and we won't even talk about his personal foul!! okay…maybe I will…oh I didn't take my blood pressure meds yet; better save that story for later!! heehee!!

Soo here's the other thing…I won this week with my fantasy football team…i'm all about the football, aren't i??? LOL!! I just love it! A good game can make my week! I promise to share some more PeeWee pics soon!! and some really fun LOs with Sweet Genevieve Designs' football kit!! yippee!!!

thanks for listening to my football ramblings…off to rest from a WINNING weekend!! LOL!!

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