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First of all, let me congratulate you all in a wonderful three weeks…I just want to say that I will definitely be getting myself a present for finishing up my three weeks of quiet time…of course, like everyone has said, the reward is having a great new habit! My thinking has changed…no, not about the new habit…just in general. I tend to stop and think…i tend to wonder more…i tend to breathe a bit more … all because I ahve formed a new habit!

As far as the gifties are concerned, you are all getting them!! If you don’t want them, tough…I figured out why I’m stuck on this point!! LOL!!! there is a book out there that explains a lot about relationships and how we are as interactive people. It is called The Five Love Languages, by Gary Smalley. It is fantastic!!! for a quick synopsis…here ya go…LOL!! There are five different ways that people communicate their love to each other. (get the book, take the test, you can figure you and everyone around you out…LOL!!) These ways are:

Quality Time

Acts of Service

Physical Touch

Words of Affirmation

and Receiving Gifts

Now people tend to “speak” in their love languages…like my husband’s is Words and touch…LOL…so I scratch his head at night to put him to sleep and tell everyone around me that he is my PRINCE!!! (it’s true!!! or in a princess’s vernacular…”it’s twue!!!”) okay…sorry…back to the synopsis…If you would sweep someone’s house just to help them, or your children cannot get enough time with you, or you love giving gifts more than anything, then you probably can tell which language is yours. Well, girls, ask my family…my love language is undeniably Receiving Gifts. So, in order for me to show you how much I love you, you must receive my gifts to you! LOL!!! (it really does work that way…) just for a short period of time, speak in my language!! and then tell me what you think yours is so I can speak in that one…

Okay…enough about me, let’s talk about you…what do you think about me???? LOL!!!!

HERE’s my news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you believe it? I was pubbed for the first time! I’m totally excited!! And I can show you what was published right here on my BLOG!! isn’t taht kewl?????


and my hybrid project!!


Thanks for everything, and I’ll update tomorrow with a Spa Retreat Update!!! YAY!!!

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