my day 6…

Oh boy did I have a fun time today. After we ate a beautiful lunch at my in-laws (yes, my fil smokes the best brisket ever!!!), we came home and I actually folded clothes AND packed my dearest Mr Gorgeous up to go off to CA! (okay, that wasn’t so fun…)

But the best part was my almost three hour nap! Just like Kat, I had a nap today for my quiet time. Can’t get any more quiet than that, huh?

Deb (frank) you are doing a fab job!!! And everyone else that is sticking with me on this journey!! WE are going on to day 7 tomorrow! yay!!! You are all doing fabulously!!!

and here’s a little pic to send you off tonight! This cracks me up!! read her new shirt…perfect!!


nighty night…see you on day 7 tomorrow!!!

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