day two!


Here we are, on day two! Each day i will post a motivational quote to keep you going. All you have to do is, keep going! I know you can do it!! I had such a fabulous time yesterday, I can’t wait for this afternoon! (btw, I added flossing to my schedule, too…I made that a habit a while ago, but it somehow has gotten overlooked lately!)

If you find this challenge later in the week, please post here that you are playing anyway! There are three weeks of prizes, so you will not be left out!! Also, feel free to go to other’s BLOGs and give encouragement. We are on this journey together. That’s what makes it even easier! YAY!!!!

Don’t forget to post what you did today in the comments section of this post!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

(ps…all quotes are from…love that site!!)

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    Hey girl! Inspired day 2! So far today, for exercise, I took the kids for a nice walk. I think pushing the double stroller with 45 pounds of twins in it counts as exercise. 😉

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    Hey there! Love the inspirational quotes!!

    Day 1 was fab…I know I will read again tonight…but I think I am going for the ultimate me time!

    >>>Bubble Bath<<<< Cross your fingers and wish me luck that I can squeeze this one in! I am going big! hahahahaha

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    I did my sit ups- just wait till ya see me in Oct!!

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    Love that you added flossing! LOL
    You are an inspiration my deari-O!!!!

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    I love seeing what everyone has done! I’ve been doing my reading! Today I actually sat and read the newspaper this morning at breakfast – felt very informed and clued in to what is going on in the world. I am off to go read in bed, chick lit – “The Cinderella Pact”. 🙂 Yes, I should add the flossing too.

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