day three!


Ohhhhh we are starting to cook with gas, heading into the holiday weekend! I’m sooo excited so many of you have decided to participate in my habit forming challenge! 21 days may seem like a lot at first, but really it’s only three weeks. We can do anything for 3 weeks. 3 groups of 7 days. Can you do it for seven days? Of course you can…I’ve even flossed my teeth this morning!! Love that! heh heh!

Have a wonderful day getting ready to celebrate if you are in our wonderful country of the free and the brave…and if you aren’t, well, you can celebrate the fact that you are making a wonderful change toward freedom in your life!! YAY!!!!

Don’t forget to post here so i can enter you in the drawings!!!

I’ll be back later with my personal update~

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    ooo Sally! I love this quote… Day 1 for me, and I updated my post on my blog today.. I have stayed on point so far, and I have 2 bottles of water, and I exercised for 35 mins!

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    Well, I only did 10 minutes of elliptical today. I am hoping to take the kids for a walk when they wake up. I’m trying to pack and all that happy stuff in between, makes it hard!

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    May Day 2 is up and ready!! I did it!!! Wooot!!! I got my bubble bath!! That is like the gold medal of “me” time..will definitely be tough to top it 🙂 Will check back later to see how you did! Love the quote!!

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    3 days in a roll!!! I’m on a roll now! Did a Biggest Loser Aerobic workout!

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