DAY 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YoU DID IT!!!! You made it!!!!! I’m soooo excited for you!!!

Now what, you ask? KEEP GOING!!! Set more goals for yourself. It’s kind of addicting, isn’t it? doing something every day for 21 days…I have a list of stuff I need to get done! But for the next few days, I will be regrouping and getting my house in order!! LOL!! But I STILL will be having my quiet time, flossing AND BLOGGING everyday!! Those are my habits that are set, and I’m very pleased to have succeeded! YAY!!!

Tomorrow morning, I will put all the names in the hat that have commented on my BLOG in the last 21 days. And then Lillian (or Cora or Quentin or Emma) will pull a name out of a hat to see who wins the GRAND PRIZE!!!! YAY!!!! What is it??? its a secret!!

I’m off to get Lil from the gym, but I have one last challenge for you that I will post tonight after our dinner guests leave!! Don’t forget to check back and COMMENT!! LOL!!

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    Yay! Day 21! I have seriously fallen off my blogging habit wagon in the last few days – can you say massive amounts of birthday cake?! Hee hee! But, I’m hoping to hop back on that elliptical very soon. I am also on day 5 of a massive headache, so that is putting a damper on my motivation. But – YOU motivate me, girl! You are awesome! I intend to keep exercising every day, even if a little bit. Doing this, making myself accountable through you (hee hee) has made me really put forth the effort. Thank you, Sally!

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    yay for everyone on day 21! I’m not that far yet, but I’m working on it! and I got in 15 mins of step aerobics and running in place today… so the exercise is at least started!

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    Thanks so much for doing this!!! Exercising is definetely much more of a habit than it was before! Need to figure out some new havits to add to my daily life!

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    Sally!!! I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I blog my last 3 days….and guess what Friday I am starting a new set!!

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