day 18!

Quick update tonight. Every other Friday, it gets hectic around here! So today was no different! So I’m taking a sec to give you some motivation to KEEP GOING!! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Yesterday, I was scrapping a LO with the theme of I Believe…I’m not going to give away anything about my LO, but I will say that I took some time to really search out what I believe in! and I can honestly sa that I believe in YOU!! You can do this challenge! You will be successful!! i know it!

Let us all know how you are doing!! i had a wonderful scripture memory session this afternoon. Ohhh it’s soo wonderful to be still!!! 🙂

(I’ll post a quote a bit later..gotta go chat at OSCRAPS!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!! join me!!)

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    I didn’t exercise today. I woke up this morning and could barely move my neck. It hurts so bad. I think playing tennis for the 1st time in about 12 years may have had something to do with it! Or it could be my almost 5 month old who seems eternally miserable!…Tomorrow is another day!

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    Hey there!!! I posted about my last two days on my blog 🙂 as well as the washer fiasco! *LOL*

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    I am sorry I missed yesterdays habits- but I did blog about why.
    And ya know, it was the first time I missed… so I think Sally will forgive me!LOL

    Other than that- I am so happy I am still doing the challenge!

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    hectic – I can’t imagine that in your house 😉 thanks for all the quotes you do… I’m on track with eating, but am still having trouble getting exercise in… but I’m working on it!

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