I’m bloggin’ away!! LOL!!

Here we go…Mr Gorgeous is HOME!!!! YAY!!!! I'm excited to just retreat into my room (which is clean, btw…double yay!!) and let him bond with HIS children!! LOL!!!

We are planning a couple of fun things for our ONE day with dad tomorrow. He leaves sunday again at 3:30pm, so the majority of our father's day celebration will be tomorrow. We want to go to Academy and get some fun accessories for our bikes. Mr Gorgeous got his father's day bike present tonight. I didn't want to wait until he was leaving on Sunday to give it to him. So we set it out for him and the kids made him close his eyes!! He loves it….he should…he picked it out and told Cora which one to get him when he got my bike!! LOL!!!

So there will definitely be some biking going on tomorrow! AND we are going to see a movie…we don't know what yet…Any ideas???? please post a comment to let me know what to see. We are waiting to see Kung Fu Panda until the kids' cousins come next week. And last week we saw Prince Caspian. We saw Indiana Jones on it's opening night…so I'm not sure what's left! Maybe Ironman or something like that. I'm not really into HULK, especially since they just did it!! Isn't that weird? and ya know, Hellboy2 just doesn't do it for me either!! LOL!!

Well, wanna see some inspiration? First, I am soooo excited to tell you about a really great Scrapbooking store online that will cater to your every need! Here's my story…

I created a mock-up of a graduation announcement for my niece. She (and my sister) loved it, except the colors. She wanted more blues. I am a red head, so I love the greens and browns, but she loves blue. So I sent some links to her with papers to choose from. I was thinking i can just order what I need online and it will get here quickly and I'll be fine!! she picked a paper from Basic Grey's Periphery line…absolutely gorgeous!!!!! So I go to order this paper…All I need is a pack of 25 sheets and every store is telling me the same thing – "we don't have it in that quantity and we are no longer ordering that line."

So I decide to just give up and look for a paper that is similar and I go to this store called Blackberry Paper. I notice she carries Basic Grey, so i look up Zinfandel (which is the name of the paper I used on the second mock up). She HAS it!!! And it let me order 25 sheets!!! wow!!! After my order processed, Beth, the owner e-mailed me. She said she didn't have that quantity, but she would be happy to order it for me, but it would probably take a few weeks to get it to me. Well, if you know me, you know I waited until the last minute to do the ordering and I HAD to have the paper there within a week. But I replied, "Please order the paper, but if there was any way you could rush it to me, it would save my cutie patootie!!". Beth responded the next day saying she would do what she could. The VERY next day, she e-mailed me AGAIN and told me it had gotten to her and she would ship it to me right away!! WOW!!!! now that is customer service!!!

So, if you need anything that Beth has at Blackberry Paper.com, BUY it there!! She is marvelous and wonderful and I can't say enough great things about that company and the owner!! YAY!!

Now, wanna see the finished invite?? LOL!! Here ya go…


here's the front…

the background paper is Night of Navy from Stampin' Up!


the inside…done digitally…she is so gorgeous!!

and the Zinfandel paper under the photo invite…(and the two strips in the front)


another shot of the front!!


soooooo, if you need something, remember...Blackberrypaper.com!!

Thanks for foraging through my ramblings today!! LOL!!

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