fun prompt and other sundries…

how fun is this?? Steph’s BLOG prompt for today is…

Name a car you’d love to have.

I thought I’d show you…

65mustang yes…that’s right…a 65 Mustang. I’ve decided that I have to follow Dave Ramsey’s financial advice, so I don’t spend all of my hubby’s money. Then he’ll be able to surprise me for my 40th birthday!! He’s got a few years, but he won’t do it if I keep spending all of his hard earned money!! 🙂

So here’s my toot for the day!! I’m 1/3 of the way through my MIL’s birthday/Mother’s Day gift-her Nepal/Bangkok scrapbook. It’s turning out wonderfully!!

I have to d/l pics of my husband’s and son’s retreat last weekend. Apparently he tookover 600 pics! He loves digital more than me!!!!I hope to upload his "pamper pole" pics here so you can see him in action. Should be great.

ONE MORE WEEK until DRAGONFLAIRE STUDIOS is open for business!!We already have the forum going strong. Check in with us now at!!! Check out my latest shadow box that I gave my mom for her birthday!!

Happy Day, all!!!

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