Brush Lettering Practice

Are you in the middle of an internal battle? I am…and I can’t figure it out. But this verse is a great place to start!

When I want to internalize a verse, I have to write it. And it’s been a while since I’ve used brush lettering.

Last year, my daughter bought me these brush pens and paper. I can attest this Rhodia paper is the very best!!!

I snuck my Pilot G-2 pen in there, too. It is my perfect planner pen!! I picked those up at the grocery store. The very best pens!!!

I thought you’d like to see me write this morning, so here you go:

It’s a big hair day. It happens often! 🙂 

No matter what we eat or drink or WHATEVER, we need to give God all of the glory through our actions. I’m going to meditate on that this week!!!

What are you meditating on this week?

I’m cross posting this post on I’ll Take Jesus today! Enjoy!!!


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