Love is Always Hopeful Quilt + Dreamer Fabric Giveaway

I’m super excited to be a part of Carrie Bloomston’s new Dreamer fabrics team!

You know me and Carrie. She inspires me to bring out the artist from the depths of my soul. She gives me permission to color outside the box! Sometimes we just need permission, right?

Here’s my latest quilt inspired by her new fabric called Dreamer:


Seriously! You want to get this fabric!! It’s amazing, inspiring, and full of depth-filled whimsy!

This pattern will go on sale on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016! yay!!!





This last picture was taken by Jill McNamara. She is amazing!!! and up on a ladder!!!

Check out Carrie’s lookbook and other projects from this awesome street team by going to Carrie’s BLOG HERE and reading about it all! ALSO, comment on her blog and you could be one of three winners!!! Three lucky winners will win one fat quarter bundle of Dreamer and a copy of her book, The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity


Thanks, Carrie for the fabric but mostly for the inspiration!! 🙂

Oh, and I give you permission to color outside the box…every day!



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