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Happy Sunday night!! 

I'm enjoying the out of doors tonight…blogging poolside! I'm of the firm belief that we need to enjoy the blissful life God gives us…

I'm trying to organize my projects in some semblance of order. I had a big finish out of the fabrics above yesterday (I'll share that later this week!!), and now, I'm wondering what the next deadline is!!!!

I wonder if it will be with some of these goodies I got at Quilt Market…


Thanks to my darling friend Brooke, I got some fun goodies from Sample Spree!!

(This is what I was doing -below- instead of sitting in line for 3 hours and rushing in duing the fabric frenzy:)


My son is the one second row from the top all the way left!! My husband got a pretty good shot with his cell phone camera, didn't he???? (See my teal fitbit on my wrist?? I got all of my steps in that day! LOL!!)

Anyway, back to my projects…LOL!!!

I might finish putting one of these quilts together:


This is my new design wall! I'm totally in LOVE!!!


This was my April Stash Bee block that I designed! And I've gotten almost all of the blocks, so it's close to being ready to whip together!! I am in love with what the girlies have made for me. What a fun project!!!

So, I may just send some postcards from this little book I bought last week:

Photo 3

I love Keri Smith's adventurous spirit and how she portrays that spirit through art journaling. I hope to portray my spirit through all of my art…oh, I feel a Pharrell Happy coming on!! LOL!!!

Photo 2

One of my very next projects is this graphic quilt for my friend who plays bass for our band! (I'm not sure if he reads my blog or not, so I'm trying to surprise him with this design…hehheh…sneaky!!) You'll be seeing this pattern very soon! yay!!


Or I'm just going to go sit in the newly organized craft studio!!!

Photo 4

or I just might sit out here with the naked barbies by the pool!♥

Stay tuned…

and if you want to know even sooner what I'm working on, follow me on Instagram!

What would you pick to do????



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