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It's Tuesday, and we are sewing here! We are also decorating, reading, cleaning, and doing a lot of school. I have one cutie in her sophomore year in college, two teens in high school, and my baby girl is starting middle school this year.

Don't get me wrong, we are still homeschooling.


We are doing it a little bit differently this year. My baby goes to outside classes for half of her work and does the rest with me, and my middles (two high schoolers) are doing all of their classes as outside classes. But that doesn't get me off the hook…nosireebob!! They have most of their classes only once a week. Then I am to stay on top of them while they do their work for the next week. 

And this is where I'm working. The place they are taking their outside classes. I'm monitoring study hall, and I close up two days a week!!!! I'm also there for parent questions and logging payments, etc…

But really, I'm there to stalk my children! LOL!! I love being involved in their lives. Plus, how am I gonna know who is messing with them (or more likely in my case, with whom are they messing?? teehee)


A midst all of this educational wildness, I'm sneaking in a bunch of sewing. I'm still not moving anywhere near as fast as I'd like, but I'm still getting things done!!

That includes my block for today!!


Today's block comes from a magazine in my stash that a friend gave me a while ago.


The magazine is from Spring of 1994. I remember what I was doing in the spring of 1994…getting ready to have a baby!!

And the block – it's called Flower Garden…


And here's my version:



 The cool thing about this block is that it is pretty much all hand pieced, hand stitched, and handwork. 


This year with all of the music lessons I sit in, all of the monitoring work I'm doing, I have a bunch of time to actually do handwork! Sometimes I get tired of embroidery…so I need a new piece of hand work. If I'm not whipping those quilts out to bind, I need another choice. Like these Hexies!!!


My only question (feel free to answer if you want!!) is how to iron without ironing all of those bumps and creases from the backing and folds on the back of the hexies. 


truth…just keeping it real, folks… 🙂

But that little folky tale girlie is sooooo cute!!!


Someday, I may do a whole quilt of these…perhaps not this month!! :) 

Don't fear, though…There will be more hexies in this run of blocks this month!

And when I need some new handwork, I'm going to my new book my darling friend gave me!! It may take a while for me to get through, but we'll do it!!


What are you learning about this week???

A quick note about the pics of the sewing machine and quilts at the top of this post (and yesterday's post)…

The Singer Featherweight is my momma's sewing machine. I pilfered it to take a bunch of fun quilting pics. I'm really wanting to get it all tuned up and ready to sew again for mom (and me! LOL!!) 

The antique quilts in the pics are part of my collection. I adore antique quilts for a number of reasons…but mainly because they are gorgeous and warm. Turn down that AC…it's time to wear a quilt!! ♥♥♥

blessings to you!!!


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