{how to do it all…in one easy lesson!}


you know what?

I've got the secret…

but before I tell you, I'm going to share my latest projects with you!!

So, last week was the first week of Project Quilting!! And you saw my in-progress quilt as I was working. Well, I finished it on time!! yay!!!

Photo (11)

If you are interested in the FREE tutorial for this little sweet 39"x39" quilt, hop on over to Julie's site and sign up for her newsletter! But hurry!! She usually sends it out on the 15th which is TODAY!! eeeek!!

Here are some of the closeups I included in the tutorial…

Photo (12)

This is the Greek word that means "one another" or "each other" that was found in the Bible 41 times. I made 41 blocks to highlight those 41 phrases that contained that Greek word. 

Photo (13)

Photo (15)

I'm excited to see what the next week's challenge brings us!!


Here are some other fabrics from which I'm creating projects this week:


Love these fun little fabrics! I'm going to create a sweet little mini quilt like THIS one! Do you want one, too??? You can have one – Order right here!


Here is the start of a table runner and 6 placemats! For a friend…

Is there something you want made? and you want to pick the fabric? But you don't want to make it?

Just email me! 

Now, the secret…

Photo (16)

bottom line…He is first!!! Love that!!!

What are you making this week???

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