{hybrid digital scrapbooking fun}


Ohhhhh I know you want to learn how to do this!!!! eeeeep!! 

I'm sooo excited about my guest post over at the Oscraps blog!!

Check it out here:

Hybrid Fun at Oscraps

and check out these really fun projects:




Check all of this out here at the Oscraps BLOG! yipeeeeeee!!


and don't forget…Friday, you can learn how to make one of these for yourself!! Video tutorial coming Friday!! yay!!

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    Your projects are adorable!! I think the cupcake is my favorite =D I can’t wait for the tutorial!

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    Love what you have created!

    When most people think of hybrid scrapbooking – it is always associated with mixing both digital and traditional scrapbooking methods into a single page. BUT why not mix the two methods into one album?

    Make the scrapbooking layouts that you can focus on and get those creative juices used (either with traditional scrapbooking methods or digital scrapbooking) THEN, use my premade scrapbook pages to just get the bulk of the scrapbooking done!

    Get your digital pages printed (viovio.com is the best – only $1.10/layout) and add them to your scrapbook albums!

    Just a thought. Thanks!!!

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