day 11…thankful, thankful!!!

First of all, I am really thankful for Oscraps. It is such a haven for me! Right now there is a really big post challenge, and I can't stop posting in the forum! I hope to create a habit of posting in the gallery, too! This community is just that…a community!

Second, I am thankful for my Scrap from your Stash Yahoo group! We had a fun chat yesterday, too!! Somehow, I'm thinking that the internet was created for chatty people like me!! I'm betting my hubby is happy that I'm using my 75,000 daily words online so that when he comes home from CA, I am not constantly talking…well, I am…but I haven't stored up 5 days times 75,000 words!!! LOL!!! (It's said that men have 25,000 words a day to speak and women have 75,000…typical!!!)

But the main thing last night I was sooooo thankful for was…FOOTBALL!!! Did you watch any of the NFL games???? Really fun!! only the Texans really stunk yesterday. (sad, sad!!! and my fam was at the game…*sigh*) BUT, the Indi vs Pitts game was exciting up until the last moment when Ben could not connect with Ward! And then the KC game…what was Herm thinking?????? tie it up and go into overtime!!! gosh…I could've called that! But my fave was the Giants Vs. Philly game…get this: I had 5 fantasy players playing…Philly's defense, Donovan is my QB, and Akers is my kicker…then I have Brandon Jacobs (RB) and Toomer is one of my WR…So my Running back was playing against my Defense. Cora had a great outlook…no matter what happens, mom, she says, you get points!! LOL!! I love that!!!! Okay…I am sooo totally into football! Just as an aside…I am only 6 points behind Quentin in my fantasy game. And I have one more player tonight on Arizona's team…*sigh* Did  I mention I am soooo thankful for football????

Guess what? Momma got to go on the football field Saturday!! Here's a fun pic!! (yes, I'm on the right!!! LOL!!)


and a pic of our Defense lining up at the ball…Q is #5…in the front, playing nose guard!!


Remember, be thankful!!! I'll post again tonight with what I'm thankful for today!!! 🙂

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