man, I am exhausted!! LOL!!

I think I have a beach hangover…or maybe it's just Friday!!! I wanted to scrap all afternoon in my craft room, but I'm in bed relaxing!! Speaking of relaxing, have you been to Danielle Young's CT's BLOG yet?? Every Monday they have a challenge up there AND Danielle is doing freebies every week now, too!! You can't pass this up! Especially since this week is music!! YAY!! I'm off to scrap….hopefully I can show you tonight before Mr gorgeous gets home from the airport!! yes, that's right. He's coming home tonight. Maybe I'll take a quick nap before he gets here! LOL!! he's not due in until midnight and then there is that little drive from the airport…about an hour! LOL!! that's the distance between either side of the state of Rhode Island…gotta love Texas!! LOL!!

I'll be back…

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