Finish it Friday – the classics and a mystery quilt top

The new year is spurring me on to finish, finish, finish. I’m ready for all of my UFOs (unfinished objects) to be done! But alas, not enough hours in the day. But don’t think I didn’t finish something this week, because I did!! yay! I finished two things! On Instagram, a friend posted a reading challenge called #readtheclassics2018 (go check out the hashtag!!). The challengers posted a list of authors and said we could pick any books written by those 12 authors. I’m a huge sucker for the classics. As a matter of fact, I’ve read at least two books from 8 of the 12 authors. So first, I picked...

Quilter’s Planner Fun + Sampler Block + Sheep!

I’m so excited this year to be using the Quilter’s Planner to help keep my life on track. I was a bit reluctant to stop using my Carpe Diem at first, but I was swayed by the big pages and the timing on the vertical days. And I have other plans for my Carpe Diem that I will be sharing next week on I’ll Take Jesus.   (My links for the Quilter’s Planner are affiliate links which won’t affect your price at all! You, too, can become an affiliate when you purchase your QP2018 through my link; and, I can afford to keep homeschooling my youngest!) This weekend I finished the...

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