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I’ve got a free pattern just waiting for you. It’s the One Hour + Apron Pattern. You can create your own sweet little apron with only four fat quarters and these instructions.

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“What am I signing up for?” you ask. Well, let’s call it a little bit of hope for your spirit.


You’ll get quilting and embroidery inspiration, bible journaling and musings, and my favorite part:

A column called the Tape Recorder Sessions.


It’s based on the concept that we all have tape recorders in our heads playing things over and over. We determine what message is playing constantly. I don’t know about you, but I want a positive hope-filled message playing!! And that’s what the Sessions are all about. Hope-filled messages.

2015-07-14 08.54.32

Like this above…”Don’t worry about tomorrow.” That’s a powerful hope-filled message that I need to meditate on for a while right now!

Do you need these messages going into your tape recorder?

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