Modern Roses Apron Tutorial

One of my latest obsessions is aprons! I am in love with aprons right now. It feeds my desire to play with fabric in a practical way. We all want something we can use in the end, right?
So today, I’m bringing you a fun, quick tutorial on how to make a darling little apron with embellished pockets!! Join me! Let’s start by grabbing our supplies…
6 fat quarters of your favorite fabric! (I used Stephanie Roth’s Modern Roses from Moda!!)
34 1/2″ x 21″ piece of backing fabric (I used premium muslin, but you could add two more fat quarters to your pile of fabrics and use them for your backing!)
from each of 4 FQs –   one 9″ x 21″ strip
1 FQ – cut 4 – 4 1/2″ x 21″ strips (for waist ties)
1 FQ – cut 2 – 6″ x 14″ rectangles
Cut out two flowers from two different FQs
Let’s sew!!
Sew your 9″ x 21″ together on the long sides to create a big rectangle (the main front of the apron)
Place your back lining (backing) right sides together with the front. Match the edges and pin, pin, pin! Those pins are your best friends!! Sew it together on the sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.
Turn right side out turning the corners and iron the seams.
Sew the short ends of your four 4.5″ x 21″ strips together forming one big long strip. Press your seams open.
Place the long edges right sides together and sew along the long side making a big tube. Turn the tube right side out. Press the tube flat with the seam in the middle.
Fold the pressed tube in half longways to find the middle of the strip. Fold the main body of the apron in half and mark the middle of the raw edge of the top. Match the top of the main body middle with the waist tie middle folded over the raw edge of the main body. (see picture above) Pin, pin, pin!!
Sew the bottom of the tie all the way across the top of the apron…
Go all the way around the top of the tie folding in the ends and finishing it all the way around.
Sew top stitching from the top of the apron to the bottom 1/4″ to the left of each of the seams on the front of the apron. This keeps the layers together!
Take your pocket pieces and fold them in half right sides together. Sew them together leaving a 2″ opening on the bottom of the piece.
Trim the corners and turn your pocket right side out. Press.
Place your cut out flower and sew it onto your pocket. Do this for both pockets! I used free motion quilting to sew my flowers on.
Grab your fun button bag and grab two vintage buttons.
Hand sew your buttons on!
Pin your pockets where you want them. **Hint: put the apron on and see where you want to reach for that cell phone!
Sew a double seam on the sides and bottom of the pockets to secure them.
Voila! You have an apron!!
You can add other embellishments if you’d like. Embroider your name or your word of the year! Hand sew other buttons all over the apron or sew flowers all over the apron.
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