for the love of Mini Quilts

Mini Quilts!!!

They are the trend to follow right now. Miniature versions of large quilts, bigger versions of one block, or just a way to work on one technique, mini quilts allow for the quilter to finish something in a quicker time frame than a bed quilt would take. Mini quilts also allow for the ability to still use design elements but without committing to a larger project.


For me, I love mini quilts for the express purpose of emphasizing the text. The text for me is the focus and can really stand out when on the wall. You can hang an inspirational piece anywhere you need some extra motivation! Embroider a mini to remind you to FOCUS or LOVE or my personal favorite…HOPE!! Then place that mini quilt in a spot with the most visibility as a reminder to you that all is not lost. There still is hope in the world!


This is one of the very reasons I’ve hired Cora to be my official letterer: to enhance the beauty of the words on the mini quilts that I create. So many quotes, scriptures and words to embroider or even free sew onto these cute little miniature quilts…so little time!


Here is our first collaboration-(above)-the first of many! Words can get lost on bigger quilts, so the mini is the perfect medium for Sally’s Angelworks.


I’m excited about the many options created with mini quilts, and I hope you are, too. If you have an idea for a mini that you would like to see hanging in your home, at your workstation, or the perfect gift for someone you love, drop us a line here at Sally’s Angelworks and we’ll get right back to you with design ideas and prices.

Check out our current inventory in the SHOP.

And enjoy this fun MINI trend!!!

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