What I’m Wearing Wednesday – the Valentine’s Coco Dress

Happy Wednesday! This week, I wanted to show you a fun pattern I just got and tried!

This is my Coco dress. The pattern is by Tilly and the Buttons. I love how this feels! The fabric is an Art Gallery Knit which is super soft!! The designer is Caroline Hulce from her Happy Home line. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right???

When I first sewed this, I used a twin needle for the collar, but it didn’t look so good, so I sewed it with a zigzag. I think the twin needle with knits is a very cool technique! I just need to make sure my needles are sharp and that my knit isn’t too stretchy. Otherwise, it comes out a bit wonky. Anyway, I just added a scarf for looks, too!

I’m learning a LOT about knit sewing!! I just need a money tree to buy all the knits to try!! LOL!! There are awesome tips on Tilly’s site on sewing knits. Perfect for us intermediates who want to get better.

Friday I’ll show you what I finished this week for Valentine’s Day. Mr Gorgeous surprised me with a new ring!! It’s an ‘S’. I LOVE it!!!

I’m praying you are having a marvelous Valentine’s Day. Know that you are VERY Loved!! By me and the LORD!!!

Many Blessings!!!

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