What I’m Wearing Wednesday – the sally tunic

Happy Wednesday!

I’m excited to share with you my tunic journey!!! I started out with a simple tank pattern and a bestie (Julie) with mad fitting skills! This tank HERE was made back in October of 2016. It was my first “sloper” which is a pattern that is fit exactly to my body.

Around that time I got really into LulaRoe leggings. They are so soft and buttery…and I want to wear them all the time!! But, I have this thing about covering up my bottom! So, the birth of the sally tunic.

I used a dress pattern from the Lotta Jansdotter book Everyday Style to add an A-line-ish skirt to the tank. Here is one of my first iterations of this tunic:

(Amazon links here are sometimes affiliate links…they don’t change your cost, but they give me a little bit of debt reduction money! Have fun shopping!)

Some interesting notes on this tunic:

a. I used a bias binding for the neck. It made it a bit wonky in the back which I thought was a sway back. But it was really the binding!

b. When I was making this, I only had enough fabric to cut out the front. So I used a different complimentary fabric on the back.

c. The unfinished sleeves were just folded under and top-stitched.

d. If you look at that instagram picture (link above) of that pineapple tank, you can see how the shape of my body has changed just a bit. Let’s believe for healthy steps toward a healthier me! I’m starting to pray for that… That’s the first step, right?

e. Pockets! What’s more to say?

Next week, I’ll show you the different neckline finishes I did on this tunic! It’s so fun!!!

What are you wearing this week? Better yet, what are you praying for and believing for this week????


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