What I’m Wearing Wednesday – let’s make a skirt!

So you know me by now, right? I love to make skirts! I usually whip a bunch out for Spring Quilt Market or for Fall Quilt Market. Check out these posts here and here to see past skirts I’ve made.

This past fall I got some awesome wonderful fabric from Amanda Herring from her Curiosities fabric and made a cutie skirt. Love these ostriches…

A couple of things here:

a. Snow on the bench…Houston’s second Ice-mageddon this week!

b. The pattern I used was for this skirt was from Deborah Moebes’ Stitch by Stitch. Her A-line skirt.  It’s a super great and fast pattern!

(Affiliate link to Amazon! It doesn’t affect your price, but it gives me a little it of spending change! Thanks for checking it out. It’s an awesome book!)

c. Check out my IG post HERE to see me at Quilt Market last fall with Amanda (and my besties!).

d. Before I made this skirt I made a muslin to check the fit. I’ve gained a bit over 30lbs since I last had made this one, and I knew the pattern I had printed wasn’t the right size.

e. Tonight, I finished the muslin to be able to wear it. I didn’t put the waistband on right away when I was checking size. But my zipper was in! (See letter c down below this pic!!)

Here’s the wearable muslin:

Here are my notes on this one.

a. I love t-shirts. I’ve gained a bit too much weight to really be comfy in them. But that’s going to change! Because I really love them!!

b. I’m not sure if I’m really comfy in an a-line anymore. I think I am, because I can wear leggings and still have my butt covered. (Leggings are not pants, people!! Sorry! That was my outloud voice!) But I want to explore other silhouettes with me and my body right now. I don’t want to wait to lose weight to have fun with my wardrobe. What do you think?

c. Note to self: Don’t stop making clothes in the middle of the process. I totally forgot what I was doing and made a bunch of weird mistakes tonight. I also forgot what size I originally made it, so it’s a bit tight. I think it’s in between the two sizes I’ve made before (10 and 12).

d. I still love making clothes!! This is a good thing! And I can’t wait to show you all of the new fabrics I just got with some Christmas money to make some new dresses.

Also, I think lipstick is a good thing…just sayin’…

Here is a close-up of the two fabrics I used in these skirts: Curiosities by Amanda Herring (the ostriches) and Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater

Come back next week for the start of my tunic collection. I’ve created about 8 or 9 of them so far, and you are going to love them!! Super fun!!


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