Taking 2018 by the horns – the Texas way!

I’m super excited about 2018! A month ago, I was not quite this full of faith. But then December happened.

Since my father died a little over 26 years ago, I have had the philosophy of truly living life to the fullest. Not necessarily a full hedonistic “Carpe Diem” philosophy, but more of a “God has planned a life of abundance for me – let’s live it!” philosophy. I just had to really figure out what “abundant” meant and how to walk that out.

This December, as you could read in my posts here, and on I’ll Take Jesus, I really embraced Christmas. I didn’t do every single thing I wanted to, but I got pretty darn close! We did have a low-key celebration on actual Christmas Day because of our visitor this week, Influenza A.

As I started to reflect on 2017, I realized that this past year has been quite the surviving year. I did not accomplish half of what I wanted to as far as projects. I had to walk through some pretty rocky terrain with changes in my family. And when I started to face some of these challenges head on, I realized that these battles were lion’s dens. Not something I was going to be able to escape from alone!!

Do you know that feeling when you are waiting for the “if onlys” to kick in? If only I didn’t have laundry to do, if only my job paid more money, if only my car was new, if only I had practiced when I was younger…

This past year, I kicked the ‘if onlys” to the curb!! I learned how to manage money for the first time in my life! I also learned that my family will always take precedence over business, music, and other obligations. But even more, seeking the Lord is my first priority! This is why I do not regret not finishing other projects this year. I’m proud of seeking the Lord out loud with my darling friend, Julie on I’ll Take Jesus this year.

In 2017 I went to more church services, listened and took notes from more sermons, played my cello more hours, and led more worship than in recent years past. And while 15 years ago, playing four services a weekend would have stressed me out so much, this year it has been such a delight!

As I reflect back on 2017 and realize the abundance through the times that even felt like survival, I rejoice! I am filled with HOPE and JOY, and I know that the future holds more victories, more promises fulfilled, more projects finished, more love shared with family and friends, and more abundance OF the Lord!

Last Friday night my pastor preached about it being a New Day. And one thing he said that really struck me was this: “In the new year, I don’t just want to know about God. I want to know HIM!!”

This is the cry of my heart! So as I implement new organizational techniques and learning tools in my life in 2018, it’s all under the guise of seeking the Lord and His plan for me. Stay tuned for my Word of the Year and tools that I’m using this year to help in my personal battles and trials that I face. In the midst of those trials that we all face, I’m praying most of all that I encourage a whole lot of people. We are not alone…ever!

Drop me an email or leave a comment – let’s connect! I’d be happy to pray for you this year. Just let me know how I can specifically pray for you!

Blessings and Happy New Year!

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