Snow + Miracles = Wonderous Season

It’s 1:30pm on a Friday afternoon in a suburb outside of Houston, Texas. The skies are blue and the weather looks beautiful…cool and wintery, but sunny! (Yay, vitamin D!!)

Last night around 10pm, it was snowing in this area. Houston, Texas. Snow. The world is upside down!!

When we were awakened by our youngest to see the winter wonderland, we knew the snow was real. After realizing I was not going back to sleep (and we might miss the wonderland because of rapid melting! LOL!!), I got up, put on a bunch of layers, and popped outside with my darling child and Eli:

(Can you see the snow at the bottom of the picture? Can you see the kitty? LOL!!!)

Banana leaves with snow??? so fun!!

Our grass was untouched because the trees got most of it.

I love our wreath with snow on it. So gorgeous!!!

(hahahaha our truck!!)

Oleanders were some of my father’s favorite plants. I always think of him when I look at our big oleander bush. I can’t help but think he would have not liked it this cold, though!!

Lil and I walked down to the “ditch” to see if it was full of snow, and yep!!! it was… Look at my child!!(Below)


Then we walked through the snow.

We liked to see our footprints. But then I found out the hard way that Fat Babies (a type of Ariat Boots) are NOT waterproof!! eeek!!

Lil made an Olaf!

I think pink antique roses with snow on them are the most beautiful!!!

I know if you live in the north, you are guffawing at us Houstonians. But as Lil said this morning after I told her that I grew up in snow (really until I was 6) and I was miserable in it, (It’s cold, wet and usually dirty!!), “Mom, when you grow up in Houston, Texas, snow is a miracle!” This snow was a miracle. And life is continuing on instead of shutting down the town.

As a matter of fact, we have our annual Brazos River Turnaround Christmas Jazz concert tonight. If you are local, join us!! If you aren’t local, check us out at our Brighton Church FB public page – we’re doing Facebook Live tonight!!

Don’t forget that Christmas miracles happen all year long! (but especially at Christmastime!!)


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