Christmas Crafting with Penguins and Coffee!!

Happy Thursday!!! We are full into Christmas celebrations! This is such a great time to pull out all of the stops (and the supplies) to create until we can’t stand it anymore. And this past weekend, I did just that. I had a bag that had been sitting in my closet for two or three years filled with Christmas scrapbooking supplies and epherma that I had used for December art journaling and scrapbooking.

As I went through that bag, I found a kit of projects that a friend had given me that I thought would be fun to sit and create with today. So I grabbed my youngest and we first made Christmas cards. (Confession: we watched Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones while crafting!) Making Christmas cards was one of our advent happenings from my calendar. (Go here for that printable list!)

We like penguins a LOT in this house. And Coffee!! 🙂

Here’s another project I found in the supply kit:

What do I put in the little drawers??? I just don’t know!! Leave a comment with some ideas!!

I also found a fun printable with Christmas planner pages from this site here. I decided to create a little book to keep me on track this month. So I started by manipulating the size of the planner pages (I printed them out a little smaller than 6″x6″), then I made the little book from the scrapbook paper. I used washi tape to insert the pages into my little book. And now I just have to fill it out.

What traditions do you not want to miss each Christmas season??

To check out my advent Bible Art journaling post, head on over to I’ll Take Jesus!!

And stay tuned for a LOT more Christmas fun here and on I’ll Take Jesus!


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