the Cottage Christmas QAL – the Cross and Crown Block

Happy Wednesday!!!

If you’ve already popped over to Brooke or Julie’s blog, you know that this is the first day to sew the Cross and Crown Block for our wonderful Cottage Christmas QuiltAlong.

Here’s the overall layout I’m making this holiday season:

This is a bed runner, and I can’t wait for it to be on my bed all quilted and pretty!!

So today, you can download the pattern for the red blocks. Depending on which pattern you are doing (that lap version looks soooooo wonderful!!!), you can whip these blocks out together in a day!! Just layer all of your strips together and then cut all of them out together. After that, just chain piece your blocks all at once. It’s pretty quick!

Also, if you want to buy a kit for the lapsize of the project, you can purchase one in Julie’s store HERE.

Confession: I’m supposed to be mopping the floor for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I’m sewing! heehee! In order to actually get to mopping, I’m sharing my first finished block with you so you can see how cute they are!!! I’ll be done with all of them before next week’s block tutorial is up.

To download the pattern for this block, pop on over to Julie’s blog, the Intrepid Thread!! And don’t forget to check out Brooke’s version and link your current WIP with her, too!!


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