5 Projects to Start even when you can’t start another thing!

You know that moment when your friend or family member asks you what you are working on? Then when you pull out pile after pile of projects, their eyes start to glaze over? That’s the moment you should probably NOT start another project!!

That’s an easy fix…

First, hand over those quilt tops to be quilted or bindings to a friend, then you can start these wonderful projects:

  1. 1. Learn Brush Lettering.

  2. It is the coolest thing! And it doesn’t take much time, honestly, because your practice time can be in short stints. That is the best way to get good…to practice a LOT!
  3. The two ways you can learn Brush Lettering is to take an online course at CreativeBug like this one (no affiliate links here! 🙂 ) OR you can read blogs that have FREE practice pages and detailed instructions. Check out my Pinterest board here for lots of fun handwriting links.

2. Make this sweet pillow!!

I love this pillow…it’s one of my favorite projects of this year. And I wrote it for our site, I’ll Take Jesus. Just pop on over there and I’ll teach you how to make it!

3. Make a Sampler Quilt!

If you are a quilter, you need to make a sampler!! Samplers are the best idea for those of us who want to get better at the basics of quilting. It also is the best way for us to use that stash that is overtaking our dining room! Literally!!!

Here’s my latest sampler: the Houston Modern Quilt Guild‘s Mystery Quilt. There are two sections left…I can’t wait to finish it. This farm fabric is delightful and my favorite right now!!

Sections 1-3:

Section 4 (below) – can you see the little sheep in the middle of the green block?:

4. Arrows are trending.

Take a look at this fun tutorial I just posted for my bee group. If you want to learn how to use the 45 degree angle on your ruler, this sweet and easy tutorial is for you. Use scrappy fabrics and you’ll be happy, happy! If you make it out of teal and red, pass it ovah!!! 🙂 heheheheh!

5. Handwork is amazing.

We need some handwork, because British TV is amazing on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix! (Maybe I’ll share my fave shows in a later post! Do you want to hear about them?) My first love is embroidery. You know it! So here’s an amazing project you can use as a long tv project like I am…

This is from Jenny of Elefantz’s free projects. When you finish all of the embroidery, you can make an entire throw quilt out of it!! So beautiful! Go over to her shop and buy some of her fun patterns to go with this. She is amazing!

What kind of projects are you starting up that you maybe shouldn’t???? LOL!!!

Maybe my next post should be what I’m finishing?


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