I’ll Take Jesus – the Holy Week version

I’ve been so super quiet over here…

I’m getting my bearings. And trying to balance everything…

And happily, I’d love to welcome you to my newest venture, and it’s not one I’m doing by myself! I’ve joined Julie from the Intrepid Thread and we’ve created a wonderfully inspirational web site called

I’ll Take Jesus.

We do! We love our readers! And we want to pray for you, inspire you, and connect with you at this new venue.

I’m not abandoning this sweet place right here! I will still be posting sewing, music, homeschooling, and other inspirational ideas. I also will be sharing things I’m selling right here.

Please bear with me as I learn how to balance all of the wonderful opportunities life is offering me right now. It’s mind-boggling how the Lord provides so fantastically!

Back to I’ll Take Jesus, go and read all about marginalia and taking sermon notes in your Bible.

Learn how to make a scripture memory board!

Follow Julie’s tutorial for her fun Traveler’s notebook cover!

So many fun things on I’ll Take Jesus! And we are posting there everyday. With a LOT of Jesus-filled inspiration.

One of my very favorite features on I’ll Take Jesus is our Fresh Faith Friday Devotionals. Please join us as we share our lives in depth and how the Lord has touched us in some way each week!

We’d love to connect with you over there. Comment with a prayer request or a comment or question. Feel free to do that here, too!

Many blessings from me to you!

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a homeschooling mom of 4 who is addicted to God, her husband, creating music, and quilting...lots and lots of quilting!

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