Tuesday Life Inspiration in Pictures

Wildness ensues as the end of this school year approaches. My weeks have calmed down a little bit as I prepare for graduation for child #3, for child #2 to come home from college, and a summer FULL of preparation for next year’s school year for child #4 and moving child #1 and #5 to the Pacific Northwest.

In lieu of many words of pontification about raising children, homeschooling, and the Pacific Northwest, I’m just going to share some of my day to day life here with me right now. Enjoy!!

A month ago, we went to a beautiful wedding…and played the music for the ceremony…

Eli was admiring my list of Blog Post Ideas…

My nieces came and stayed with me a couple of days in the last two weeks. I texted this last pic to my brother apologizing for corrupting them with our XBox!! 🙂

My latest Intrepid Thread Zakka Project of the Month (more on this later!!)

Our thug language!! And yep, Mr Gorgeous and I are trying Paleo! 😉

One of my keys to success with dinner (which has always been a struggle for me) is to time out everything in my planner. Also…this quote!!!!!!!

Last night I started this wonderful hand appliquéd project – Carolyn Friedlander’s Wildabon. I’ve already basted several flower petals onto my backing fabric. (more about this later, too!)

Doesn’t Eli look jealous of the cello? This is my famous pink case. It looks awesome in the Mustang…

Last Sunday as we were leaving the Episcopal church, our flutist noticed this awesome shot of the sun shining through the window of Jesus. Gorgeous!!!!

This may look a bit murky (and yay for bamboo leaves), but for folks who have been by in the last three months, this is miraculous! My pool boy does amazing wonders with this pool! (my pool boy = Mr Gorgeous!)

This is one of my favorite shots of the series…child #4 – full-fledged teenager!

My next finish today. I LOVE this S!!

If you are missing my writing, (ahahahh! Like I haven’t written a book with this post!), I’m blogging very consistently with Julie over at I’ll Take Jesus. It’s a comfy site that is complimentary to Sally’s Angelworks.

Thanks for sharing my last few weeks with me. Come back on Thursday for some sewing machine love. 🙂


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