Quilts are for Snuggling

How was your weekend? Did you see all of the QuiltCon wildness around the Interwebs?

I’ll talk more about QuiltCon on Friday when I share about my QuiltNON experience. But today I want to share with you a sweet little project I whipped up a few weeks ago.

I created this sweet little sign for my quilt basket. Snuggling with quilts is the best and worth the reminder.

After embroidering, quilting, and binding this little beauty, I attached some fabric selvages onto the back and tied it onto my basket.

Now my basket sits next to my couch and invites everyone to grab a quilt and snuggle!

Are you snuggling with a quilt right now? Grab one out of your snuggle basket and get to snuggling!! 🙂


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a homeschooling mom of 4 who is addicted to God, her husband, creating music, and quilting...lots and lots of quilting!

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