Embroidery WIPS + Free Text Pattern

I’ve been a busy bee…an inspired bee!

As you know from my Embroidery Love page, there is nothing better than to combine inspiring text and embroidery thread and fabric!! Here are some of my embroidery works-in-progress right now:

Most of the time, my process begins with a quote or a scripture like this one above: John 16:33. I have a sketch book where I practice how I’m going to write it on the fabric.

On this particular WIP, I left a space for me to appliqué a little heart…just like the one below:

This little quote is from a prayer that is prayed at an Episcopal church where I play cello each Sunday afternoon. These words are completely the cry of my heart right now, so naturally, I needed to embroider them!

Both of these embroidery pieces will be mini quilts that will show up in the Shop soon!!!

One of my new-found loves is to embroider words onto antique quilts. The pieces of quilts that I’ve been using have all been hand quilted, which just inspires my heart to hand quilt everything! (I haven’t been, but I’m inspired to! LOL!!)

I’m still not sure if this will be a pillow, a mini quilt, or a framed piece.

By the way, did you know that you are His Beloved?

It takes guts to cut up a cutter quilt!! But this Dresden was the perfect one to cut back into separate blocks on which to embroider.

This scripture is so uplifting and encouraging!!!! I left the blue marker on it in the picture to show you how I write on the fabric first. This is one of those cool markers that disappears with water. I only need to spray it to get rid of it! Perfect!

Here’s some exciting news!! I will be providing kits for these blocks which include the antique blocks!!!! yay! Stay tuned to the blog, the shop, and to my IG feed for when those go up in the shop!

Last year, this was one of my blocks for my Super Awesome Quilt Bee. Confession: I made it three times because I didn’t have my quarter inch seam placed right. So my third block became embroidery fodder!! This will be a mini quilt soon, too!

Sometimes I just want to create for Mr Gorgeous or me or my fam…these next two projects are just for us!

This (above) is such a gorgeous free pattern from Jenny of Elefantz. It’s the Lord’s Prayer broken up into phrases. It will make a GORGEOUS quilt when it’s done. It’s one of my long-term “sit-by-the-fire-in-the-wing-back-and-watch-many-episodes-of-stuff” projects.

My other “For ME” project is a quote that Mr Gorgeous found a couple of days ago on the My Fitness Pal app:

The quote says, “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.” This is going to sustain us (mainly me!!) through this season of hard work getting back to fit and stable. We are taking a year to invest prudently to be in a better place to give to others, both physically and financially.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t giving right now!! As a matter of fact, I have a gift for you:

This is one of my very favorite quotes from the Oh Hellos song called Caesar. It’s soooooo true in Houston right now…and my spirits are soooo lifted by spring this year!! Usually, I’m ready for summer, but this year, I cannot wait for flowers to abound around me and for those sweet spring showers (that don’t FLOOD!).

This will be a mini quilt by next week! Appliquéd flowers + some fun blocks around will set off the embroidery perfectly. I will have a pattern and a kit available in two weeks!! (Deadlines help me to finish!!)

But for a limited time, you can download the text pattern. I have created a PDF in Illustrator using my writing as the guide. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com.


I hope you are encouraged to embroider this week. Grab your favorite DVD and go to town like me!! I have a list of fun shows you can watch if you’d like…


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