7 Days of Crafting Love – Day Six – Mini Quilt LOVE

This is one of my favorite days of the seven days!!!

The celebration of the Mini Quilt!!!!

I have a whole PAGE dedicated to why Mini Quilts are the way to go!!

And today, I want to celebrate mini quilts that celebrate LOVE!!!

You are so loved!!! This is one of my very favorite sentiments to embroider on a quilt. The world is telling you that you aren’t worth anything…you aren’t good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. It’s a lie from the pit of hell!! You are wonderfully and beautifully LOVED!!

Pop over HERE to my YouTube channel to see how I made this little beauty a while ago!!

What I love about this sweet little quilt is this sweet quote from the Bible:

As you could probably tell, I LOVE angels!! 🙂 That’s why there are little wings at the top.

The lace is from an antique lace store in Berkeley, CA. So beautiful!!

I love this panel that I created with a fun pennant banner at the bottom. I handquilted around the words Happy Valentine’s Day.

So sweet!!! It will make for a fun decoration tomorrow!!

A few years ago I bought this sweet panel (below) and in true quilting fashion, it took me years to actually get it quilted. Actually, I had to start working with long arms to get this one done.

And I enjoyed every minute of quilting this both on the long arm and hand quilting!!

Why, look! It’s my favorite quote! You are loved!!!! Do you know someone that needs to hear that on a constant basis? Email me to purchase this!! (sallykeller814@gmail.com)

I had to add this sweetie in there since it’s decorating my house! My darling bestie, Julie made this for me last year and it warms my heart to see it!!! (see what I did there?)

I have another wonderful treat for you tonight!!!

One of my WIPs is featured in the graphic that I have for this blog series. I digitized the text pattern that I created for the embroidery, and I want you to have it. Special thanks to reader Kathleen for asking for a pattern!!

DOWNLOAD the Embroidery Pattern for “You are Loved” HERE!!!

Enjoy that little gem and let me know if you create something with it. I want to leave you some love!! 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day in our blog series…BUT, don’t fear! I’ve got a LOT of love and crafting and love of crafting scheduled for the blog in the days to come.

See you here tomorrow when we talk about TRUE LOVE!!!

Blessings and LOVE!

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