7 Days of Crafting Love – Day Seven – TRUE LOVE

It’s love, true love day!!!

and day 7 on our journey through crafting LOVE!!

Today I want to really focus on true LOVE!

Yes…this love is great!!! (Mr Gorgeous is the very best!!! Pic by Capture Your Bliss)

But there is an even truer love…a more unfailing love…an EVERLASTING love!!!

The Bible is a great Love note to you and me. And lately, I have been immersing myself in it by doing some art journaling.

In the above picture, I used washi tape (paper tape) with a printed arrow (from GETTOWORKBOOK.com) to point right to the AMAZING promise from the Lord to you and me. I purposefully cut the tape a bit too long to create a tab so that when I need to read this amazing promise, I can turn right to it.

everlasting=lasting forever. Powerful promise!!!

This promise comes from the very famous love chapter in the bible – I Cor 13. “Love never fails.” In the midst of doubting, sorrow, discontent, discord, and more…we know His love never fails.

One of the things I LOVE about bible art journaling is in the process you start to internalize the words, the essence, the very breath of the scripture you are drawing.

The entire book of 1 John is about LOVE. It was hard to pick which scriptures to highlight. I know I’ll revisit this and want to add to it. That’s why I love washi tape!! 🙂 I’ll tape journaling cards to add more emphasis.

John’s main point in chapter 4 is that God’s love is the beginning of all love. We love because He loved us first. I can rely on that…not my love…but HIS…

true love ❤️

Everything can fall apart or disappear, but His love for us remains FAITHFUL!

And we are given commands to LOVE…I love these words – “intense and unfailing love” and that love “covers a multitude of sins”. Pretty awesome, huh?

Here’s another view of that command…

Guess what, my dear reader! I do love you!!! And I’m empowered by the fact that Christ in me helps me to show that love…because He first LOVED me!

I pray for you every time I think of you!

For more scripture/art inspiration, check out my Pinterest board, LOVE SCRIPTURES

I hope this week has given you some inspiration, some hope, and some ideas on how you can show your love to your loved ones. Also, I hope you were inspired by the source of true LOVE. If there is anything I can share with you or pray for you about, please contact me!

And stick around! This week has launched my resolution to be much more consistent with blogging and bringing you the finest content of quilty fun, multimedia excitement, and awesome journaling experiences.

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❤️

Blessings and Love!

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