The old college try + finishes!

This past August, we sent two of our own to college…far away. Yep, I miss them!!!

My tradition is to send the kids to college with a new quilt. My deadline was set…finish it before they leave!! LOL!!

I reached that goal…yay!!

First, my darling niece, Angélica moved to New York to go to school at the New School in Manhattan. We’re super proud of her. Last fall, she spent three weeks in China with a Panda refuge taking care of pandas and recording statistics about them and such. So, for her quilt, I created a Pandalicious quilt!!


I used Katarina Roccella‘s Pandalicious fabric from Art Gallery. I also had been hoarding a little bit of Alexa Abegg’s Panda fabric from her Paper Bandana line. So, yeah…lots of pandas.


Also, I used Felice Regina‘s Teddies pattern for the panda in the middle. And I quilted it on an APQS Millie over at Quilt Your Own in Houston. If you are local, you definitely want to check out the rental situation at Quilt Your Own. (I’m working there on Tuesdays and Fridays now! yay!!)

My own dear son moved to Nashville in mid-August, and he took with him his H-Town quilt. Hopefully he’s staying warm underneath it!


So, here I used Shannon Brinkley‘s pattern for the skyline of Houston. Quentin has several songs on iTunes and Spotify talking about “his city,” so I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with a cityscape of H-town!

The coolest part about his quilt and his cityscape is that it’s made from his gymnastics t-shirts. He was a competitive gymnast for years and actually coached up until the week he left for Nashville. I’ll have an in-depth post about how I did it soon, but suffice it to say, I was really pleased with how it turned out!


Not your normal t-shirt quilt, huh?



Look at the red star!


I used a t-shirt he wore as a 2yr old for the back label.

Again, I quilted it at Quilt Your Own in Houston. More about that later, too!

I’m still missing these sweet faces, but I know they are having the time of their lives, and they are well warmed up with their quilts!! 🙂

I have another senior this year…I’m thinking a kitty quilt like this one?


Love!!!! 🙂

What are you finishing today?



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