Pixie Summer Home QAL – Grand Prize, Quilt Shows, and more!

It’s been a quick start to this new school year! And as that starts, we wrap up our fun summer Quilt Along that we did together.


We have a grand prize winner!!!!

It is BillieBee!!! Billie, watch your email!!

Special thanks to Brooke and Julie for being there with me to quilt with, to chat with, and for all of your sweet grace and advice!!! I love you guys!!


So, I’ve been working on a lot of wildness and getting into the New Normal here.

I’ve got a secret project that I’m mailing today and another one that I’m continuing to work on in the next week or so. I’ve also got patterns that I’m writing that will be released soon! yay!

But right now, we are focusing on a steady work ethic in our homeschooling. In that vein, I’ve moved my portable sewing machine down into the kitchen/dining area where I can monitor the children…hehheh. Our monster kitty loves to play while I’m sewing…this is a new thing since I usually sew behind closed doors.


So here’s a sneaky peek at my super secret project with monster kitty (Eli) at the helm! LOL!!


Here’s another fun project I’m doing. August was my Queen Bee month to receive blocks for our Super Awesome Quilt Bee! So I picked Amy Friend’s sheep block. Here (above) is Kate Basti‘s block. Below is Debbie Grosskopf‘s blocks…she had to do a black sheep because we are both rebels!! LOL!!!!


Also, we went away for the weekend…thus trying to get back into my New Normal. My daughter’s beautiful in-laws have a wonderful property about 2 hours from us. I had to take a selfie with one of their pieces of art…


And of course, one of my cat whisperer, Emma…whispering to Remi, one of the foster kitties there!


They match…adorable!

Here are pics of my WIPs today:


I’m finishing up embroidering and piecing all of my Names of the Lord blocks. Get ready for the first pattern next Monday (below)…names1

You will be able to embroider this, too!!


I’m super excited about this pattern because of my other WIP this week: The Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild Show.

This mini quilt is hanging in the show!! I actually have five quilts hanging in the show, and I’ll also be running the Houston Modern Quilt Guild booth. So if you are local, come by and see me and my quilts. And buy some awesome handmade items from my guild.


Praising the Lord above that I have an abundant life right now. And praising Him that he will keep me balanced through it all.

What are you working on this week?



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