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Good morning! Happy Monday!

I’m delighted to share some new projects with you this morning. As I am still wrapping my head around the fact that my sweet savored summer is half-over, I’m excited about what I’ve finished this summer so far.

Don’t get me wrong…this (below) is how I imagined we’d all be during the whole summer…but alas, someone needs to get some work done around here! LOL!! We’ll leave the lollygagging to the kitty…


First, I am super excited to be featured over at the Terial Arts blog. Check out my post about my first foray into using their Terial Magic with t-shirts…(Click HERE for post)


Thanks, Terial Arts for the feature!!


If you receive my weekly Tape Recorder Sessions newsletter (sign up here!), you will have seen my announcement about the weekly scripture memory/bible study on the Names of the Lord over on Instagram. (Follow @heisonmyheart for all of the studies.)


For this series, I am creating a banner and a quilt to help with memorization. I will have the pattern links up here on the blog starting in about two weeks. I’ll be about two weeks behind, but then it’ll be perfect to solidify your scripture memory, right?

Here is the first banner:


I am in love with this! I will have the actual names attach on the top of the banner (like a sweet pennant!). I’m also excited about the quilt version, too!!

Here are more pics…




Eli is getting into memorizing the Word, too!


And last but not least, I finished a new purse (minus the button hardware that I need to pick up!). The Gatherer Crossbody pattern from noodlehead. (Free pattern on her site!)


I used Tim Holtz fabrics, Eclectic Elements. It goes with my wanderlust! LOL!!



I’m excited about transferring my things into this purse…button first! 😉

I hope you are creating and making today. This week we study Elohim, Creator God, and He made us in his image. Meaning we create because He does! 🙂



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