Tuesday Tutorial – the produce bag

As a homeschooling mom, you’d think I didn’t have to worry about teacher gifts. Or I would go out on the town and splurge on me, the teacher!! LOL!


My kiddos do outside classes and do have teachers. So, each semester, I try to have a little handmade goodness for them as a “thank you for dealing with my kid” treat.


{emma with her two Worldview teachers!!}

This spring, I whipped up their gifts early in April because I knew my May was going to be out of control (which, of course, it was!!). I grabbed a tutorial that I had printed out a few years ago and made each teacher a produce bag.


The pattern is by Jan DiCintio, and you can find it HERE on her blog, Daisy Janie.

I made three, but only photographed one for some strange reason!



I used canvas from Ellen Luckett Baker’s Charms manufactured by Kokka that I got last Fall at Sample Spree which made it possible for me to buy new fabrics this Spring! 🙂 If you use it, you can replace it, right??

Let me know if you make any of these! I would love to replace all of my reusable grocery bags with fabric bags. They are super durable, easy to wash and mighty good for our earth that the Lord gave us to take care of!! Plus, how cute are we in the grocery store with these awesome “designer” bags??? Yep…it’s a win!!

Come back tomorrow for a fun EXCITiNG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!



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