Tuesday Tutorial – the Beautiful Block

So, I’m whipping up this new quilt…a long term quilt…that includes block designs that each have Bible verses. I am loving this idea of a bit of traditional along with a bit of improv. Add your favorite fabrics and you’ve got a lovely, inspirational quilt!

Here’s a fun easy block to include in your quilt or make a pillow or a table topper!!



1- 5″ square

3- 10″ squares


1- WOF 3″ strip

Pencil, paper, embroidery thread, needle, hoop


3- 5″ squares (1 from each of the 10″ squares)

3- 1.5″ x 9.5″ strips (1 from each of the 10″ squares)

4- 1.5″ square scraps

1- 3″ x 11.25″ strip

1- 3″ x 12.5″ strip


  1. 1. Sew your 4 squares together first. Hint: Don’t press your seams: Nest them together when sewing the two rows of two together.
  2. 2. Sew the side 1.5″ x 9.5″ strips on first.
  3. 3. Attach the 1.5″ scrap square to one end of one 1/5″x9.5″ strip. Sew half of the strip onto the top. Place the other square on the other end and sew it on making sure the seams will match up. Finish the seam. Do the same for the bottom strip.
  4. 4. Sew the 3″ x 11.25″ strip onto the top of the block.
  5. 5. Sew the 3″ x 12.5″ strip on the left side of the block.
  6. 6. The block will be bigger than 12.5″. Trim it down by trimming the left strips.
  7. 7. Using the paper, practice how you want to write your scripture. Remember, the eraser is your friend!
  8. 8. Write your scripture with a dark black pen. Then trace the scripture onto the white square.
  9. 9. Using a hoop and matching embroidery thread, embroider the scripture you trace onto the white 5″ square.
  10. beautifulblock1
  11. The fun part of this block is the fabric choice. I love all of these fabrics! To me, they say “beautiful!” just like how God makes things!
  12. We need more beauty in this world…for sure!!

Let me know if you make this block! I’d love to share on IG or FB.



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