Me Made May – the Quilt Market version

I’m home! Safe and sound and finished with all graduation wildness (except finishing up presents! eeek! I’m so behind!!). I have had such a fabulous last three weeks. It’s been a whirlwind, but I expected that.


Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing my Quilt Market adventures and some of our Utah explorings, too. My sweetie, Cora got to join me on this trip to Quilt Market as did my wonderfully talented sister, Tiffany. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and taken away from this inspiring semi-yearly show.


But first, it’s Monday. And that means Me Made May! We are almost out of May, so I’ll be cheating while showing you how I fared in June, too.


For Quilt Market, I always whip up some fun outfits that highlight some designers whose fabrics I love to wear, and this Spring was no different.

Here are the three outfits I made and wore at Quilt Market:


This is my new Heather Ross Mendocino skirt with a Wal-Mart tshirt (2$ for the win!!) embellished with mermaids!!

I used the A-line Skirt pattern from Deborah Moebes’ book, Stitch By Stitch. I actually made it wrong but altered it so it would fit right. Sigh! The good news is that by doing that, I did my next skirt correctly with the right size. Just as an aside, it’s an easy wonderful pattern. I just forget to read all the way through a pattern! LOL!! User error!!


When I created this t-shirt using Alison Glass’s Applique book for guidance, I emailed my darling friend, Chen asking for Alison’s new Handcrafted Patchwork fabric that matched her Sunprint that I used. Chen sent me this awesome pattern that was perfect with my t-shirt. #blissfullife Again, I actually sewed the skirt pattern correctly this time!!


This last dress I made is using Art Gallery Fabrics Denim. Such wonderful fabric!!! The yoke is their Lovey Dobby. The pattern is Lisette Diplomat pattern by Liesl and Co from Simplicity. Love it!

I had a fourth dress…my Easter dress that I’ve blogged about made from Cotton and Steel’s Clover fabric. We drove to the Salt Flats instead of back to Quilt Market on Sunday. Utah is one of the most gorgeous states in our union!!! Worth every mile we drove in it…sigh!!

Stay tuned for more excitement here as I get back into the swing of being at home and juggling life!!



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