Tuesday Tutorials: The Love Block

I am super excited to introduce you to a new feature here on the blog: Tuesday Tutorials

Each Tuesday, I will share a fun tutorial to inspire your creativity! Mostly, they will be quilting projects, but I may throw in some art journaling and some life hacks with some sort of fun crafting involved. I’m excited to share super fun and easily quick projects with you!


For the next few weeks, each Tuesday, I am going to share with you a new tutorial or set of tutorials for new blocks based on the Bible verses I am memorizing. I need all of the help and accountability I can muster, so I’m embroidering a catch phrase for each week’s verse.


If you are interested in joining our memorizing with us, follow @heisonmyheart on Instagram! She has the process all written out in her posts and gobs of encouragement and practical ways to help us memorize the life-breathing Word of God.


For today, I have a new quick and easy block for you that you can easily adapt into a mini quilt or a block for a quilt.

  1. 1. {what do you want to say?}: I started with the text above. I wrote it out in my art journal and then traced it onto the linen. I didn’t trim the linen down until after I embroidered it.

2. {transfer your text to embroider}: You can write whatever text you want onto your linen. Practice it first on paper to see if that’s how you want it to look!! If you want to embroider my version, you can DOWNLOAD my text HERE.

3. {cut your strips}: Find fabrics that match your embroidery thread and cut several of them into long 1.25″ strips. To make it easier, grab a partial jelly roll and cut the strips in half longways.

Here’s a pic of my final block:


4. {sewing the block}: After I embroidered my text, I cut the linen down to 6.25″ x 5.75″ and then randomly sewed the 1.5″ strips on into three rows around the linen starting with the right side. You can sew as many rows as you would like. I used all the strips I had cut, and I wanted to use the dotted border as a thicker border, so i cut the border out and attached it.

5. {to cut your border}: If you sew three 1″ finished rows around your linen text, you will cut two strips 1.5″ and two strips 2″ wide. Measure the length of your sides and top and bottom to determine how long to cut your border fabric.

6. {borders and finish}: Attach the borders and measure and trim to make sure you have a 12.5″ unfinished block!

See? Easy peasy!!

Here is a sneak peak at my tutorials in the next few weeks:





What fun tutorials would you like to see here? Summer is coming!! Which means a lot more time to focus on the craft studio and making, making, making!!! Join me!

And this week, just for peaceful times, I’m embroidering my whole verse:


What are you making this week?

Come back tomorrow to see what else is in the works at Sally’s Angelworks!



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