just a little bit of wandering…

I think we are created to wander.

It’s easy for me to write this because I’m currently on a trip right now. We are running up the states to see some relatives that we haven’t seen in a while. It’s been glorious…

because I have wanderlust.


Sure, it’s fun to stay in our sweet little easy routines and do what we know. It’s fun to know what’s going to happen tomorrow…

It’s also fun to step out into the unknown.


Back in February when I joined Mr Gorgeous on his business trip to Wyoming, I took some steps into the unknown!

Okay, no, it wasn’t steps in snow…LOL! I was born in Minnesota, so I know snow. But I did take a drive one day down from Green River, WY to the Flaming Gorge. It was in the middle of winter when the roads aren’t always in the best of shape. And I drove and drove and drove around this path (about two hours) until I was stuck…not literally (thank you, Jesus!), but I did come to an impasse. I had to turn around and go back.


Even though I was born up north, I don’t drive in snow. I live in Houston, so no, I don’t drive in snow. I knew during that whole two hours that I may have an issue with the road. But I went ahead anyway. I was super nervous in a couple of spots because I just wasn’t sure if it was okay to drive on.


But the whole time I was going, I had this wanderlust taking over!! It was exciting, exhilarating! And I knew that God is faithful.


He is faithful to take care of me no matter the circumstances! But I also had faith, too, that if I was going to be in a spot that wasn’t safe, I would have to turn around before it really became dangerous. And He did turn me around.

You know when you realize that you are going to have to go through the same thing you just went through how it can be discouraging? I started to think that the two hours I had just spent driving all of that way was wasted since I had to do it again.


But then I realized that all of the times that I didn’t stop to take pictures because I was so worried about getting to the other side of the loop could be regained! I could stop on my way back in all of those scenic areas and really soak in God’s beauty!

How many times do we get chances for redos…even if it’s just to really take notice of the beauty around us? in our everyday lives?


Take some time this week to see the goodness that is around you. Seriously, have a little wanderlust in your own little world. Do a redo! I’m going to enjoy every moment of our drive back today and tomorrow, even if we are stopping at the same hotel on our way home tonight. Even if we see some of the same things.

I’m sure I’ll see something a little different…a little more beautiful! God is good that way.

Where are you wandering this week?



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