Health, Wellness, and a Great Monday

Happy beginning of the week!! I know some of you aren’t really Monday lovers like me. That’s okay! You do you!

As April whooshes by, I just wanted to tell you a little testimony. Mr Gorgeous and I have been on a journey for about four years (maybe longer!! I’ve lost count of the days!) to really research what is healthy for us. We started researching foods, diets and exercise. He built out an in-home gym so he could work out with weights and other exercise equipment. I joined weight watchers and made him get a treadmill for the gym.

Then last August, we got a trainer to work with us. You’ve heard about my struggles with exercise, and you will again. It’s not easy for me, but I’m accountable, so I stick with it! As we process this journey, we are open to more natural remedies and foods. We rarely eat processed food or even fast food. That’s great for our insides and our pocketbooks.


One thing we stumbled onto (thanks to a sweet friend I worked with last year) was essential oils. Mr Gorgeous has a huge aversion to fragrances and perfumes, especially in other products. They give him major headaches and sinus issues. So, I was super skeptical when I attended a friend’s informational meeting. I came home from that meeting smelling wonderful to me, but quite strong! Mr Gorgeous actually had no negative reaction at all to the fragrances!!

Here’s the quick testimony… Three weeks ago, I woke up with a severe sore throat and a low grade fever. I remembered being sick in February and how a friend reminded me about how her oils are her best friend!!


I did what I normally do when sick…I sat in the recliner and enjoyed my laptop and Netflix. Only this time, I enjoyed the diffuser above me. Thieves is a wonderful aromatherapy oil blend that creates this magical Christmasy smell in the house. That’s due to the cinnamon bark oil, one of the oils in the blend.

While enjoying this seasonal wonderment for two days, I was happy to accomplish a bunch of computer work and watch a lot of Netflix. I also rested well under the diffuser. And two days later, I didn’t go and sit on the recliner! I enjoyed my regular daily chores including sewing my easter dress (which you’ve seen here in this post!). Easter weekend was blissful and family-filled.


Last week, I embarked on our journey to Kansas City with the sniffles again. Every morning, I put Thieves on all of the girls in our hotel room. As we traveled, we enjoyed our trip without incident! Even at home this week, I am enjoying energy, wellness, and such a great attitude.

Just like my friend, Thieves is my constant companion!!

 But, again, you know me. I put my hope in Jesus! I found this scripture today that encouraged me.


What an excellent reminder. I need some strength for my bones for sure! I have to do side planks today!

If you want more information about essential oils, please email me at or go to the contact page here on the site. If you want to look around at the products, there is a link in my sidebar! Right now, the member kit is the best deal you can get! No obligation to sell or run a new business…just awesome products at a wonderful price!!



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